EXOGAL Digital Audio

We do the math for you!
All you need to do is listen!

EXOGAL products are:

Built with an open architecture allowing you to listen to the digital music format of your choice - local files or streaming

Designed by audiophile engineering legend Jim Kinne

Kept current with digital hardware upgrades

Made in the USA - designed, sourced and manufactured in Minnesota

Beautifully Designed

EXOGAL Audio products are designed and manufactured in the United States, using state of the art mechanical design tools integrated with the latest in milling and finishing technology. Our innovative industrial designs are precision crafted so that our products complement the design and beauty of your home or office.

Innovative Technology

EXOGAL throws out the book when it comes to our technology. We design our processing algorithms to recreate your music in the purest form possible. Some reviewers have actually called it an "analog sound" - high praise for a purely digital approach!

Pulsar Remote

Now Available, Pulsar!


"We keep banging on about the revolution that is taking place in home audio, and the Exogal Comet is that revolution’s agent provocateur. It isn’t the first device that replaces source component, converter, and preamp for a digital generation, but it is the first that makes that move so cogent and does so without any real compromise. If this is the shape of the future, it comes highly recommended."

Alan Sircom, Hi Fi+

"The Comet is my favorite DAC in the under $4K space, and should be heard by anyone seeking a no-compromise digital experience. Especially for those with lesser digital file playback systems, this DAC can save your system, and revolutionize your listening experience. It is the only digital treatment to best the reigning 32 bit high frequency scheme."

Doug Schroeder, Dagogo

"It has amazing dynamics and its sound is incredibly open to information (not details). All recordings sound better and more natural with it, a bit like from an analog tape."

"...this small box has the firepower of a brick of C4..."

Wojciech Pacuta

"Considered in tandem with its strong sound quality -- its terrific tonal neutrality makes it something of an aural chameleon -- Exogal’s Ion PowerDAC should be strongly considered by anyone who’s in the market for a comprehensive stereo-electronics solution."

Hans Wetzel

"We all have different tastes, but what we all do seem to like is depth, soundstage, separation – a natural, encompassing experience when listening to music and this is what I am getting from the Exogal Comet Plus. I am playing tracks which I know intimately, ones which are indelibly etched in my mind and ears, and I’m hearing just that bit more, reaching right out at me; grabbing my attention at each successive play."

David Blumenstein

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